Audience development teams: Ensure KYC compliance with Omeda's know your customer rules

Know where your business is coming from with Omeda. We help you make smarter identity and risk decisions and meet your KYC and AML requirements, all while providing a smoother onboarding experience to your customers. 

Omeda is trusted by the world’s top brands

Audience development teams trust Omeda for KYC rules compliance

  • Streamline due diligence without sacrificing accuracy
  • Manage customer data in one place

Why audience development teams should trust Omeda to manage KYC compliance

Protect your business while improving your onboarding experience with Omeda's modernized data management and governance services.

Streamline due diligence without sacrificing accuracy

If your customer data is scattered across different software tools, you can’t accurately assess risk. Omeda centralizes customer data in one place, so you can track and manage due diligence tasks from one database.

  • Omeda takes in customer data from every touchpoint — from events and email to print — then stores it in one easily accessible database. Get the most complete, current profile of each customer. Quickly query a customer in our database to delete or edit their full profile.
  • Data flows into the system via nightly file drops and API sweeps, so your records are always accurate and up to date.

Protect sensitive customer data

Once you’ve collected your customers’ sensitive information, keep it safe with Omeda’s advanced data governance and privacy features. Manage and protect your internal and customer data all from one easily accessible data.

  • Grant, revoke and edit internal access to personally identifiable information from one location.
  • Set data retention policies and easily apply them to your full customer data set, including the automatic deletion of personal data.
  • Maintain secure access to customer data without the need for sprawling IT teams or third-party systems.

Protect your business and customers with Omeda's KYC compliance software

  • Streamline due diligence without sacrificing accuracy
  • Protect sensitive customer data

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