Supercharge your audience and power growth with subscription management

Ranging from print and digital magazines to newsletters, website access, single-copy sales, site licenses, and much more, we are a front-runner in circulation fulfillment. Layer your subscriptions with our data management and marketing automation capabilities to drive circulation growth and revenue.

Omeda is trusted by the world’s top brands

Make your customers happy at each stage of the subscription lifecycle

We offer full service, white-glove paid subscription management for both digital and print paid subscriptions. We cover orders of all sizes, from individual subscriptions to gifts, groups, trials and more.

Paid and controlled reporting is stored on one database, giving you a real-time and historical picture of your audience. Reports include in-depth renewal percentage, expire and auto-renewal analysis, paid audit reporting, a full financial reporting package, and more.

  • Deliver print and digital issues without a hitch
  • Simplify billing while providing best-in-class service
  • Identify new revenue opportunities and drive circulation growth with extensive reporting

Increase customer lifetime value and satisfaction at the same time

Maximize results and revenue from each piece of content using our invoicing, renewal and monetization features.

Our invoices are flexible to your business needs: We cover print and postal services across gift, group, and trial series, and accommodate multiple schedules and price points at once.

Reduce churn with our automated auto-renewal suite, including credit card updater syncs, advance notification emails, on-demand failure emails, and optional multiple retry attempts on failed charges.

Ensure customer addresses are current with NCOA (National Change of Address) verification.

Monetize digital content with website gating, payment packages and digital subscriptions, all of which are customizable based on business needs.

  • Deliver a seamless, uninterrupted customer experience.
  • Don’t lose subscribers to expired credit cards or changed addresses.
  • Extend the ROI and lifetime value of each subscriber.

Activate your subscribers to drive more sustainable marketing success

Omeda’s subscription management solution is built into an end-to-end audience management platform, which has native email, marketing automation and customer data platform functionalities.

Subscriber data is added to our CDP and updated in real time, where it can be queried and added to customer segments.

With that data, onsite visitors can be targeted with personalized messages or content recommendations based on past browsing or purchase history.

Target subscribers on the channels they’re using most often, using our marketing automation tool and our integrations with Marketo, Eloqua, AdRoll, Google and Facebook Ad Managers, etc.

  • Segment subscribers based on shared traits, then target them with personalized cross-channel campaigns.
  • Leverage subscriber data to provide individualized offers, promote relevant content and cross-promote related brands.
  • Drive sales with improved customer insights and more individualized outreach.

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Subscription Management FAQs

What is subscription management?

Subscription management is the process of handling a customer’s subscription lifecycle — from product fulfillment and billing to auto-renewals and address verification — to ensure they remain with your service.

Why should I use subscription management software?

Subscription management software automates many of the manual processes necessary to manage and maintain a customer’s subscription, like updating subscriber information, reminding them of expiring credit cards, and verifying addresses.

With a real-time customer database, you can also query and segment customers based on shared traits, then target them with cross-promotions or upsells.

Which features to look for in the best subscription management software?

The most important features for subscription management software depend on the goals and size of your organization. Every company will need the following features:

  • Product and print fulfillment
  • Digital fulfillment
  • Entitlement management
  • Credit card processing and national change of address verification
  • Auto-renewal services
  • Website gating

What makes Omeda special?

Omeda’s subscription management solution is built on top of a audience relationship management platform, which includes native email, marketing automation and CDP capabilities. This allows marketers to harness their subscriber data for cross-channel marketing campaigns, monetize their content and ultimately drive more revenue.