One destination to build and segment all your audience data

Bring all your data together with Omeda’s Customer Data Platform and Data Management Platform. Automatically capture behaviors through your website, events, email, mobile and even print.

Integrate new behaviors in real-time so you can automatically trigger campaigns and capture more details through integrated popups and inline targeting.

Design and automate marketing and email campaigns

Marketing automation built alongside data collection and consent management. Tailor comprehensive and nuanced email and automation campaigns with Omeda’s Odyssey marketing automation platform.

Seamlessly move and connect between datasets to create dynamic marketing campaigns to grow your first-party data. Add your favorite integrations from our app marketplace.

Subscription management perfected

Use Omeda’s Subscription and Fulfillment Management services to manage paid and free subscriptions, memberships, invoicing, autorenewals, digital and print fulfillment, and much more.

Build custom content meters and use Omeda’s suite of audience marketing tools to grow your subscriptions and audience engagement. Generate audience segments and custom reports on demand to make data-driven optimizations based on those insights.

Modernized data management and governance that scales alongside your organization

Omeda eliminates data silos by bringing together disparate data into one easily accessible location. Through identity resolution, deduping and automated workflows, we establish the most up-to-date, accurate view of your customers.

Use this to activate your data more quickly and effectively — and turn your data points into real results

Who is Omeda for?

Media organizations

Empower your organization by managing customer data in one place. Monetize your content and simplify collaboration as your organization grows.

Audience development teams

Get a 360-degree view of each user and unlock the insights that spark success with Omeda’s end-to-end audience management solution.


Consolidate customer data and drive sustainable revenue with Omeda’s all-in-one platform. Sell your value to stakeholders and invest your efforts in the right place.

Content producers

Scale your content operations without complicating your workflow. Get detailed audience insights, generate income, and connect with your readers.

Subscription circulation teams

Deliver issues on time and drive revenue from your content with our advanced data management and marketing tools.

Data management teams

Unify customer data from all touch points, automate processes and store data securely. Shift focus from admin to revenue-generating work.


Ease collaboration, simplify attribution and invest in creative tasks with our streamlined tech stack. Evaluate success and growth opportunities with best-in-class reporting.

Marketing teams

Unify disparate data and activate your audience more efficiently with native CDP, email, marketing automation and subscription management functionalities.

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