C-level executives make better strategic decisions with 360-degree audience insights from Omeda

Simplify your technology stack and workflows with one platform to grow, manage, and drive recurring revenue.

Omeda consolidates all your customer data into one platform. With native email, marketing automation, built seamlessly with a robust customer data platform, you don’t need sprawling tools or teams to achieve results and drive revenue.

One platform allows your team to unify, track and activate leads and customers more efficiently than they can with piecemeal solutions.

Clearly demonstrate your value to partners, investors and stakeholders — and drive even more growth.

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Gain key competitive insights through website tracking and analytics

  • Omeda collects customer data from every touchpoint — from web, events and email to print and digital — into one source. Establish a single customer view without spending excess time on data collection, standardization and maintenance.
  • Evaluate traffic from all channels to better prioritize marketing spend and resourcing.
  • Our best-in-class reporting gives you a real-time and historic view of your audience. Use this to assess your competitiveness and growth trajectory over time.

Simplify your tech stack

  • Omeda combines a CDP, email service provider, marketing automation and subscription fulfillment capabilities into one platform. Orchestrate elaborate and personalized customer journeys, all from one platform.
  • Streamline workflows without investing in excess tech, IT staff, or other resources. Drastically reduce the number of tools you have to buy, manage, onboard and integrate.
  • Improve productivity by compiling necessary information and data into one accessible place.

Reduce regulatory risk and data breaches

  • Omeda’s centralized model makes it easy to manage consent across every channel you use to reach your customers. Ensure that customer data is safe and secure without sacrificing competitive insights or productivity.
  • Fulfill deletion requests, complete compliance tasks and change permission levels in just a few clicks.
  • Establish trust and credibility among your customer base.

Improve profit margins and revenue potential

  • Save money by investing in an all-in-one integrated solution, rather than several piecemeal tools that only meet some of your needs.
  • Create more precise audience segments and tailor your communications to lower your customer acquisition costs over time.
  • Reduce involuntary subscriber churn via automated renewal reminder emails, and more.

Want to see Omeda in action?

Get a customized demonstration of how Omeda can help your business.