Discover why subscription and circulation teams use Omeda for audience management

The more you know about your subscribers, the easier it is to keep them coming back for more. Omeda collects your subscriber data from every channel into one place, so you can ground your content decisions in data and drive more subscriptions and revenue over time.

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Engage your readers and accelerate growth with Omeda's audience management platform

  • Manage your subscriber data in one place
  • Gain insights that drive engagement
  • Activate and monetize your audience

Top 3 reasons subscription and circulation teams trust Omeda as their audience management platform

Grow your base and drive business with Omeda.

Manage your subscriber data in one place

When subscriber data is spread across many solutions, you can’t really know what they want and how you can serve them. Omeda stores all your subscriber data in one place so you know exactly how each subscriber is interacting with your publication across all channels

  • Omeda collects subscriber data from every touchpoint — email and print to events and website — and stores it in one central database.
  • Query subscriber data instantly with Omeda’s Audience Search function. Test your audience research hypotheses with powerful database filtering tools and 100+ demographic and behavioral variables.
  • Create marketing segments with multiple criteria for more precise targeting.
  • Data flows in and out of the platform via nightly file sweeps and API drops — so you always have the most current view of your subscribers. Reduce time spent on cleaning, transferring and manipulating subscriber data.

Gain insights that drive engagement

You can’t engage your subscribers if you don’t know them first. Omeda gives you detailed insights into your subscribers’ behavior and preferences across your websites, emails and more. Base creative decisions in data — and drive more visits, subscriptions and renewals.

  • Turn anonymous website visitors into known leads and subscribers with Omeda’s website analytics service.
  • Evaluate the performance of each page, including time on site and conversion rate. Identify your most popular topics, creators and publications and adapt your strategy accordingly.
  • Serve on-page content recommendations, related products and display ads to each website visitor based on their previous interactions and purchases with your company.

Activate and monetize your subscribers

Insights are useless you can act on them to drive results. Get sustainable engagement, sales, and lifetime value from your subscribers with Omeda’s content monetization, email and marketing automation tools.

  • Create personalized renewal and upsell campaigns based on subscriber behavior and preferences.
  • Generate more first-party data and revenue from your subscribers with metering, paywalls and digital subscription services.
  • Target lookalike audiences on social media using our integrations with Google Ad Manager, Ad Roll, etc.
  • Send more targeted emails to each subscriber with Omeda’s native email and marketing automation tools. Trigger emails to be sent when subscribers complete a desired action.

Ready to maximize engagement with Omeda’s audience management platform?

  • Manage your subscriber data in one place
  • Gain insights that drive engagement
  • Activate and monetize your audience

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