Why Choose Omeda Over BlueConic vs Segment

All-in-one CDP with native marketing automation and subscription management
Persistent customer ID tracking
Identity resolution and data validation included for all accounts
Dedicated client success manager and advisory services for all accounts
Content recommendations engine
Native lead generation tools
Multi-channel lead scoring and attribution
Content metering and monetization
Comprehensive multi-channel audience reporting including onsite taxonomy and engagement
Seat-based pricing

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Top reasons why enterprises chose Omeda as a BlueConic alternative

All-in-one CDP, marketing automation and subscription management

Omeda’s CDP is part of an end-to-end audience marketing platform that includes native email and marketing automation, subscription management and a form builder in one database, so you can unify and activate your audience data in one place.   

Omeda also integrates with Google Ad Manager, AdRoll, GoToWebinar, the Google suite and Zapier. This empowers marketers to use their data to execute hyper-personalized campaigns across multiple channels, covering email, display ads and more. 

While BlueConic and Segment have marketing automation capabilities, they do not have built-in subscription management or billing, requiring additional time, technical and opportunity costs.  

Identity resolution included for all accounts

Omeda’s Match Evaluation tool uses a combination of exact and fuzzy matching to identify likely duplicate records within your database. From there, you can decide whether to merge the profiles. This is available for all Omeda customers, ensuring that you have the most accurate view of each customer and your marketing addresses all of their needs. On Segment, identity resolution is only available for premium accounts 

Best-in-class support

Omeda provides dedicated customer support to help you master the platform and maximize the return on your investment. Our team of in-house media experts provides hands-on support with custom use cases, integration setup and APIs. Other platforms like Segment provide dedicated managers and hands-on advisory services only for premium accounts, which may prevent you from using these platforms to your full ability.  

BlueConic’s tiered support packages also charge a premium for accelerated response times from customer support, making it more difficult to resolve urgent issues or bugs quickly.  

Content recommendations engine

Omeda’s content recommendations algorithm serves relevant articles to each website visitor, based on their previous engagement and purchase history. So you can increase time on site and advertiser ROI while optimizing each customer’s experience — all from the Omeda platform. Segment doesn’t have a recommendation engine in its platform, making it more difficult and time-consuming to leverage your CDP data for personalization and content optimization.  

Content metering and monetization

Need to monetize your content? Set up paywalls, content gates and/or digital subscription services with Omeda’s flexible metering solution. Use CDP data from Omeda to decide which audiences will see which meter, then use our website analytics solution to see which meters generate the most clicks, conversions and subscriptions. Choose from a variety of display and design options to maximize responses and minimize disruption to the user experience.  
BlueConic and Segment don’t offer content gating or metering on their platforms, making it harder for media and membership-based organizations drive revenue from their audience.  

Comprehensive reporting

Omeda provides in-depth reports — covering website activity, email, meters, payments, personalization modals, etc. — that give users a granular view of how users are engaging across channels. Each customer profile provides metadata to make attribution and workflows more clear. Reviewers have reported that BlueConic lacks extensive reporting options and that profiles don’t contain metadata.

Unlimited seat licenses

Platforms like Segment charge more for additional seat licenses, which restricts access to relevant information and interrupts your marketing workflows. With Omeda, you can have unlimited users on your account and customize permissions for each one, so everyone in your organization has access to the insights they need to make an impact — and nothing else.

Industry fit

Omeda is the only solution with native CDP, marketing automation and subscription management capabilities, making it an ideal fit for media organizations, associations and any company with a large audience that they’re engaging with content.

For these companies, Omeda’s bundled solution is typically more cost-effective and efficient than using a combination of single-point solutions, like BlueConic or Segment’s CDP.

Enterprises That Chose Omeda Over Others

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