Why Choose Omeda Over Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Want to understand the difference between Omeda and Salesforce Marketing Cloud? Looking for an alternative to Salesforce? See which option is best for your business below.

Why Choose Omeda Over Salesforce Marketing Cloud OmedaSalesforce Marketing Cloud
All-in-one customer data platform (CDP), with native marketing automation and subscription management
In-house media expertise
Hands-on onboarding and integration support
Omni-channel marketing automation
On-site targeting and personalization for all customers
Content metering and monetization
Comprehensive real-time reporting
Fully customizable data hierarchy
Best for media organizations

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Top reasons why enterprises chose Omeda as a Salesforce Marketing Cloud alternative

All-in-one CDP, marketing automation and subscription management

Omeda has the only CDP that’s part of a full-service audience marketing solution, which also includes native email, marketing automation and subscription management. You don’t just get a single audience view. You can also manage, activate, and monetize that audience — all from one place. Salesforce Marketing Cloud is a suite of marketing products including many of the same features, including a CDP, email and marketing automation. However, it reserves many of the features you need to make the most of the platform — including segmentation, A/B testing, rules-based decisioning and most personalization — to its premium plan, which starts at $100,000 per year. This could be cost-prohibitive for media companies.  

Salesforce also lacks native subscription management. So users would need to use a third-party service to process payments and deliver issues, which could be more expensive and time-consuming than using a native solution.  

Onboarding and integration support

Omeda helps clients master the platform and reach their audience growth goals with extensive onboarding support. We provide 1:1 support on building use cases; setting up integrations and API connections; and customizing the platform to individual needs..  

Salesforce Marketing Cloud is a more self-service option designed for companies with large IT teams: They provide pre-built integrations and integration builders, but don’t provide hands-on support. Reviewers have also said that it is difficult to implement the platform without additional development knowledge, a large team or an outside implementation consultant. So you may not be able to take full advantage of the Salesforce Marketing Cloud if you have limited IT resources or need hands-on help. 

In-house media experience

Founded by a family of publishers in 1978, Omeda was built to help media companies connect with their audiences. As part of that mission, they provide a panel of in-house media experts to help customers reach their audience growth and engagement goals.  

Salesforce’s powerful marketing platform is valuable for enterprises across many industries. However, it lacks the industry-specific resources that media teams will need to grow their businesses and navigate a rapidly transforming digital landscape. 

On-site targeting and personalization for all customers

Both Omeda and Salesforce Marketing Cloud help customers use their audience data to create more targeted, successful customer journeys. Omeda offers content recommendations and on-site messaging for all customers while Salesforce offers website and app targeting, as well as product and content recommendations.   

However, Salesforce restricts most of its personalization features — including website and email targeting, rule-based decisioning, and personalized recommendations — to its premium plan.  

Content metering and monetization connected to the rest of your database

Omeda’s wide range of paywalls, gated content and subscription-based services help media businesses drive revenue from their work. Better yet, since Omeda’s connected to a CDP and subscription management solution, each payment, sign-up and form submission is processed right through the platform and added to the person’s system of record. This helps media companies get income from their content as efficiently as possible.   

Salesforce Marketing Cloud doesn’t provide metering or any other subscription services. So if content’s a core part of your business model, you would need to use a third-party service to gate your content and process the payments.  

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