Drive sales with Omeda customer segmentation software for audience development teams

Learn more about individual customers and give them the personalized experiences they expect with Omeda’s sophisticated customer segmentation capabilities.

Omeda combines disparate customer data to drive a single customer view. Use this to create multi-dimensional marketing segments and provide memorable experiences at scale.

Omeda is trusted by the world’s top brands

Create more powerful customer segments with Omeda, chosen by audience development teams

  • Create more precise audience segments
  • Manage audience data in one place
  • Keep profiles complete and current

Top 3 reasons audience development teams trust Omeda as their customer segmentation software of choice

Create more actionable audience segments and facilitate personalization with Omeda.

Create more precise audience segments

Generate more specific insights about specific audience groups using Omeda’s sophisticated Audience Builder database.

  • Collect customer data from every touchpoint — from email and print to events and website — to create a complete view of each customer.
  • Choose from 100+ demographic, behavioral and product-related fields to add additional criteria to your lists.
  • Run queries on our Audience Search tool to access customer profiles in real time, then add them to new segments or campaigns.
  • New entries are automatically added to segments in which they meet criteria, so your lists are always refreshed.

Manage audience data in one place

Omeda’s integrated marketing stack gives you detailed insights into audience behavior and preferences across your websites, emails and more. Base strategic decisions and marketing spend decisions in observable audience data.

  • Turn anonymous website visitors into known leads and subscribers with Omeda’s website analytics service.
  • Evaluate the performance of each page, including time on site and conversion rate. Identify your most popular topics, creators and publications and adapt your strategy accordingly.

Keep profiles complete and current

Inaccurate customer profiles mean wasting time reaching out to the wrong people at the wrong time. Omeda automates data collection, management and maintenance — so your audience segments are always accurate and up to date.

  • Automated identity resolution and deduping workflows ensure that your customer data is always accurate and precise.
  • New contacts are automatically added from lists based on their most current criteria.
  • Save time spent manually updating customer profiles and transferring their information between lists.

Ready to drive deeper insights and engagement with Omeda’s customer segmentation software?

  • Create more precise audience segments
  • Manage audience data in one place
  • Keep profiles complete and current

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