Event management teams engage their audiences and streamline their workflows with Omeda

Even in the best case scenario, events require a lot of people, processes and moving pieces. So you don’t have time to manually transfer your attendee, registrant and payment data between tools.  

Omeda can help: We’re an end-to-end audience marketing platform that helps you unify, manage, and activate your event data — all in one platform.  

Use our native CDP to consolidate data from every marketing channel in one place. Then use our email & marketing automation suite to reach your audience in the right place, at the right time.  

Unify, manage and activate your attendee data in one place so you can get back to doing what you do best: putting on an event to remember.  

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Manage all your event data in one place

  • Omeda ingests customer data from every touchpoint — from web, events and email to print and digital —  into one central database. Spend less time transferring attendee, registrant and payment info between platforms — and more time planning an event to remember.  
  • In one platform, you can see how every registrant, attendee and prospect has interacted with you across channels — without spending excess time on data collection, standardization and maintenance.
  • Make your event data accessible across your organization to minimize busywork and costly misunderstandings. 
  • Our CDP ensures that you’re giving your sponsors the most complete, current data on everyone in your audience. Offer more targeted advertising opportunities to drive rebookings and revenue going forward.  

Engage your attendees more effectively than ever

  • Conduct promotional campaigns across multiple channels (email, social, display ads, etc.) with Odyssey, Omeda’s marketing automation solution. Get branded emails out the door fast with our drag-and-drop designer.  
  • Easily pull in audience data from your CDP so you can reach your attendees right away — and strike while the iron’s still hot.  
  • Create hyper-specific marketing segments using a combination of 100+ filters. Then tailor your outreach to individual recipients’ needs and drive more registrations and revenue.  
  • Harness your CDP data to identify cross-sell and up-sell opportunities. Foster customer loyalty and repeat attendance over time.  
  • We integrate with ON24, GoToWebinar, Zapier, AdRoll, Facebook and Google Ad Managers (and more!), so you can easily connect your event data to the rest of your tech stack. 

Strengthen your event programming with data

  • Stay on top of your audience’s needs, preferences, and viewing habits with Olytics, Omeda’s website analytics solution. Olytics records URL, category, and tag information from each interaction, then automatically adds it to existing customer profiles in your CDP.
  • Use this to recommend sessions, content and additional resources to each person in your audience. 
  • Generate more insights and engagements from each website visitor with Omeda’s personalized modals, pop-ups, and inline targeted messaging. Harness that data to make your event content and communications more relevant over time.   

Ground your decisions in the best data

  • Omeda stores each user’s records under one persistent customer ID, so you always have the most complete, up-to-date view of each person. 
  • Automated identity resolution, deduping and data rules help you identify and remove potential duplicates and errors before they’re stored. 
  • Quickly fulfill deletion and compliance requests to stay compliant with the GDPR, CCPA, etc.  
  • Our best-in-class reporting suite gives you a real-time and historical view of how your campaigns are performing across every channel. 
  • Allocate marketing spend more effectively, evaluate sponsors and speakers, and focus your resources in the right places.  

Want to see Omeda in action?

Get a customized demonstration of how Omeda can help your business.