Revolutionize your marketing with Omeda’s CDP platform for audience development teams

Break down data silos to learn more about your customers and deliver more personalized experiences. Omeda’s CDP puts data in the hands of marketers that want to deepen their connection with their audiences and drive more meaningful results.

Omeda is trusted by the world’s top brands

Streamline your CDP marketing strategy with Omeda, trusted by audience development teams

  • Establish a single customer view
  • Track the entire customer lifecycle
  • Create more effective cross-channel campaigns

Top 3 reasons audience development teams choose Omeda as their CDP marketing platform

Break down data silos to enhance your customer profiles with Omeda.

Establish a single customer view

Know your audience. It’s the cardinal rule of marketing, but siloed data makes it harder to get the information you need to please customers.

Omeda takes in customer data from every on- and offline touchpoint you use to engage your audience — social media, display and banner ads, email, events, subscriptions, and more. Get a single view of each user, then activate them — all from one place.

  • Increase revenue and ROI by converting unknown visitors to known visitors, driving new name efforts, and re-engaging lost users.
  • Get a single view of each customer and minimize data loss with identity resolution and real-time profile updates.
  • Automated field mapping, deduping and data standardization workflows ensure that customer profiles are always current and complete.

Track the complete customer lifecycle

When you know how each channel contributes to revenue, you can prioritize the right campaigns and ground your decisions in data.

Evaluate each of your most important marketing touchpoints with Omeda’s sophisticated website analytics and reporting suite.

  • Track website behaviors via a lightweight JavaScript snippet that works with your website’s existing metadata.
  • Omeda records the URL, category, and tag information from each interaction someone has with your company, then adds it to existing customer profiles in your CDP.
  • Stay on top of your customers’ evolving needs and preferences with real-time profile updates. Query your database for a complete history of each person’s interactions with your company.

Create more effective cross-channel campaigns

Reach your customers with the right message at the right time, no matter where they choose to engage with you. With Omeda, use your CDP data to understand how your customers enter, exit, and move across lifecycle stages. Optimize your content, UX and design to maximize conversions and reach your full potential.

  • Use CDP data to create actionable and multi-dimensional segments — and automatically add or remove customers that no longer meet list criteria.
  • Harness your customer data to reach users on email and on-site messaging, as well as social platforms (FB/IG), display (GAM), and programmatic ads (AdRoll).
  • Activate your audience using Omeda’s native email and marketing automation tools. Personalize communications and offers based on CDP data to drive more engagements and conversions.

Ready to liberate your customer data with Omeda’s CDP marketing platform?

  • Establish a single customer view
  • Track the entire customer lifecycle
  • Create more effective cross-channel campaigns

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