Media organizations rely on Omeda to turn readers into engaged followers

Manage and engage your audience all from one platform.

Omeda provides media organizations with a complete solution to manage the entire subscription lifecycle. So you can track website activity, create segments, monetize your content, send emails and run reports all from one location. Eliminate the need for multiple single-point solutions that only meet some of your needs — and get back to creating content that keeps your audience coming back.

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Increase time on site with content recommendations and on-page personalizations

  • Recommend related pages to website visitors via content recommendations. Target specific recommendation to different audience segments at once for more precise targeting and maximum ROI.
  • Display dynamic, responsive content and ads directly to your website audience via pop-up or inline HTML.
  • Collect more precise first-party data to create valuable sponsorship opportunities and campaigns.

Improve audience insights to produce more impactful content

  • Track all known and unknown visits to your website via Olytics, Omeda’s lightweight tracking script. Use this to see what topics attract the most impressions and adapt your strategy accordingly. Get more nuanced insights with behavior and demographic data collection.
  • Identify growing audience segments and use Omeda’s native email and marketing automation tools to activate and monetize each one.
  • Spot your strongest writers, creators, referral sources and sponsorship opportunities through website tracking and our best-in-class reporting suite.

Monetize your content with metering

  • Extend the ROI of your content with metering — Omeda’s tool for paywalls, gated content, and subscription based services for digital media providers.
  • Use them to limit the number of page views allowed before requiring a login, registration and/or payment.
  • Customize meters to meet your audience’s preferences and optimize their user experience.

Increase revenue from subscriptions

  • Automate the subscription lifecycle with print, product and digital fulfillment services.
  • Maximize revenue and retention with invoicing, auto-renewal, address verification and website gating services.
  • Reduce involuntary churn via automated subscription reminder, credit card update and payment expiration emails.

Want to see Omeda in action?

Get a customized demonstration of how Omeda can help your business.