Data management teams: personalize customer experiences with Omeda's data personalization software

When customer data is spread across many software tools, you can’t figure out what individuals and groups within your audience really want. And you definitely can’t tailor your customer journey to those needs.

Enter Omeda: We collect your customer data from every touchpoint and store it into one place. This way, you can harness your data to personalize your customer journey to each individual’s needs — and turn them into customers.

Omeda is trusted by the world’s top brands

Data personalization done right: why data management teams use Omeda

  • Unlock more predictive customer insights
  • Create more informative segments
  • Simplify workflows and improve productivity

Top 3 reasons data management teams trust Omeda as their data personalization software

Leverage your customer data to deliver more relevant, successful customer experiences with Omeda.

Unlock more predictive customer insights

Siloed data doesn’t just waste time. It keeps you from seeing how your audience really engages with you — and what they need to become customers.

Omeda helps companies break down data silos by unifying customer data from every touchpoint and storing it in one place.

  • Omeda takes in customer data from every touchpoint — from events and email to print — then stores it in one easily accessible database. See how customers are interacting with you across every channel and use it to improve your personalization efforts.
  • User records are stored under a single persistent customer ID rather than email address or phone number. So your customer profiles remain up to date even if someone changes job titles or contact information.
  • Evaluate the performance of each webpage and design asset with Olytics, Omeda’s website analytics service. Use these insights to provide personalized on-page content recommendations and offers to each website visitor.

Create more informative segments

Want to target senior-level execs in the media industry, but only those who have bought a specific product in the last year?

With more granular, specific data about each customer, you can create more specific demographic and behavior-based segments — and see what will resonate with each individual customer in your audience.

  • Choose from 100+ demographic, behavioral and product-related fields to add additional criteria to your lists.
  • Run queries on our Audience Search database to access customer profiles in real time, then add them to new segments or campaigns.
  • New customers are automatically added to appropriate segments based on their pre-set criteria.

Simplify workflows and improve productivity

Spending too much managing and wrangling your customer data? Omeda ensures that your data is always clean, current and ready to use.

The less time you spend cleaning your data, the more you can use it to personalize your customer experience and earn their business.

  • Customer data flows in and out of the platform via nightly, weekly or monthly automated file drops, file sweeps and/or APIs. So every form submission ends up in your system of record, even if it’s submitted via a non-Omeda form.
  • Spot and remove duplicates and errors before they’re stored via automated identity resolution, deduping and other workflows.
  • Automated field mapping ensures you’re only collecting the fields that matter most to your business — and that it’s stored in a format your whole team understands.
  • Save time and resources by eliminating the need for third-party systems and sprawling IT teams. Maintain secure data access without incurring unnecessary costs.

Ready to liberate your data and drive engagement with Omeda’s data personalization software?

  • Generate more actionable data
  • Create more informative segments
  • Simplify workflows and improve productivity

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