Adobe Analytics

Know Your Audience Segments & Discover Your Most Valuable Segments Through Omeda Data & Adobe Analytics

Push your data to Adobe Analytics at the selected frequency with a full file based on Omeda’s OnQ Query and the fields you select for output. Realize the benefits of targeting behavior-driven segments. Effectively reach users based on how they interact with your brand and continue to target them in campaign efforts while tracking behavior.
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Easily build beautiful email templates with Chamaileon

Chamaileon provides Omeda customers with a visual email builder and content management platform that empowers non-technical people to create on-brand HTML email templates that render well on most email clients. The software is optimized for multi-brand companies that wish to manage the whole email creation process from design to review & approval and take advantage of Omeda's powerful marketing automation capabilities at the same time.
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Transform Your Data into Unique, Custom Insights with CredSpark and Omeda.

CredSpark enables you to learn more about your audience while they engage with your products, services, and offerings. Combining your Omeda audience management solutions with CredSpark's offerings will help to create addictive, custom content for your audience. Bring advertisers the audience data they crave and develop unique, enriched research and insights through their natural, learning based UX.
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Data Axle

Accelerate Your Advertisers’ ABM Success & Give Your Events a Boost!

Through our partnership with Data Axle, a data provider that offers marketing lists to append data, clients can now benefit through getting the information they need directly from Omeda. We are thrilled to be able to offer competitive pricing as well as reduce the workload on our clients from start to finish. We launched two specific products since we began this partnership (with more on the way): The ABM Accelerator Suite and The Events Accelerator Suite. Omeda will partner with your team to customize the data strategy.
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Digioh Lightboxes

Grow Your Omeda Database with Digioh.

Capture more leads on your website with Digioh Lightboxes. Target specific visitors on your website based on URL, past history, location, referring source, and more! The average client will see 2X more leads in the first 7-days. Real-time integration with Omeda. As soon as Digioh captures a lead, it is pushed it into Omeda’s database, along with analytics data. See it in action, by requesting a demo.
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Take Your Social Media to The Next Level With Our Facebook Ads Manager Integration.

Activate your audience by pushing Audience Builder (OnQ) queries into Facebook Ads Manager to let you either (1) target ads directly to your audience or (2) create look-a-like audiences based on your segment. Since Instagram is owned by Facebook, you can run these ads across both platforms within the Facebook Ad Manager. The integration removes the need to download the list from Audience Builder (OnQ) and upload into Facebook each time you want to do something. It also pulls in performance data from Facebook so you can see campaign results within the Omeda platform, and also allows you to refresh previously pulled lists so you don’t need to rerun the query each time you find a segment that performs well. By connecting audience data and campaign results together in the same place, you can run more campaigns with better insight and analysis in less time!
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Strengthen Your Email Campaign Deliverability Through Email Validation Services

FreshAddress, using their proprietary database, has a scoring system which can determine the validity of an email address. They are able to flag email addresses as SafeToSend, as non-deliverable, and even flag those that they believe are spam-traps. This valuable information can provide you with deliverability metrics to further segment the email addresses which may be reducing your sending reputation, which gives you one more way to obtain that coveted primary InBox delivery. As part of this partnership, Omeda has enabled a new data field in Audience Builder: Email Validity. This data field will store the FreshAddress code and date, to allow you to easily build audience segments, excluding the troublesome email addresses from your sends.
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Google Ad Manager

Deliver Highly Targeted Ads to Your Websites: Use Your First-Party Data from Omeda to Engage Subscribers

Advertising on your website is one of the best ways to increase revenue. Due to all of the online content that your subscriber consumes, delivering relevant ads becomes increasingly necessary. The integration between Omeda and Google Ad Manager helps you reach your customer and personalize their journey as they consume your content. While some CDP’s use implied assumptions to target ads, your Omeda connection uses your known first-party data.
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Leverage Lab

Supercharge your Product Development and Audience Growth initiatives with Leverage Lab, now partnered with Omeda.

Leverage Lab is the leading media and CDP centric professional services organization in the world. We partner with Media organizations looking to activate and monetize their first party data and get the most from the CDP investment. Leverage Lab has created more than $20M in new revenue leveraging technology, multichannel campaign teams and deep client analytics. Call 816/708-2080 or visit
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Gain a Deeper Understanding of Your Webinar Attendees.

Integrate your webinar audience into your master audience database allowing you to more effectively target them as you customize their experience and communication points. Move information from On24 to Omeda nightly in order to optimize your audience and messaging. Build specific information on users into your database - including webinar behaviors such as: attended live, attended on demand, registered, engagement score, asked questions.
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Leverage Your First-Party Data to Deliver Native Ads to Your Newsletter Audience with a Streamlined Workflow

The integration between Omeda and Passendo enables you to serve targeted, native, and display ads, in real-time, in an email environment. All this while minimizing the total time spent on administering and trafficking campaigns in newsletters. Send all data to your preferred reporting solution for a unified campaign management workflow.
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Grow and Captivate Your Audience with Shorthand and Omeda.

Shorthand is the platform trusted by marketing teams, journalists and other communications professionals to create the world's most engaging digital stories. With arguably the highest engagement metrics in the industry, Shorthand has become synonymous with high-end visual storytelling, captivating news, magazine, and brand audiences around the world. Combine the power of Omeda's audience management solution with Shorthand to move your web presence from ordinary to outstanding, and be part of the Exceptional Web.
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StoryPorts + Omeda Transforms How Publishers Create Custom Email Deployments.

With StoryPorts, B2B Publishers are able to increase revenue through their email campaigns and marketing automation while drastically decreasing the time to build and manage newsletters, epromos, digests and sponsored mailers. StoryPorts integrates directly with Omeda's database so you can send emails through their platform while leveraging the audience targeting and deep analytical insights Omeda provides.
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Do more with your data with Omeda's Zapier integration

Omeda is excited to partner with Zapier, a leading no-code process automation platform that connects data between web apps that are not linked via direct integrations. Zapier lets you send your Omeda data to and from thousands of the most popular apps, so you can automate your work and have more time for what matters most — no code or CSS necessary.
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